Packaging sterilisation

Packaging sterilisation


Suitable for ESL > 60 days filling lines, Claranor equipment for the internal and external sterilisation of flat caps has been developed and implemented for the first time on a filling line of ESL fruit juices.

The product is an orange juice stored in the chilled chain for 10 weeks, without preservatives, filled in a PET bottle and closed with a flat cap with an aluminum foil. The product needs an internal treatment for the part in contact with the juice as well as an external cap sterilisation to avoid cross contamination in the clean filling room.

Cap sterilisation with chemicals was not suitable due to the complex shape of the cap generating a trapping hazard in the dead volumes of the cap; and a UVC solution was not validated due to not reaching the required log reduction. A pulsed light solution, however, fulfilled all of the customer’s requirements. The challenge was to keep up with the high speed of the line, which meant sterilising both sides instantly.

Claranor’s pulsed light packaging sterilisation equipment, dedicated to the beverage and dairy industries, offers a high level of decontamination, up to 5 log reduction on all germs including spores, and is a reliable and cost effective solution to avoid the use of chemicals on production lines.

The compact equipment is easy to integrate on existing or new lines.

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