Waste water threatens survival

Savings of up to £1,000 (£1,470) per employee could be made if UK food manufacturers use more effective waste management techniques, according to business advisory organisation Envirowise. And sooner or later for many companies, waste minimisation will not be a matter of choice, but a survival issue, warns the organisation.
Packaging, water use and recycling programmes can eat into profit margins, says the organisation, with many companies buying more raw materials than they need. And as one of the largest manufacturing sectors in UK, the food and drink industry is consequently subject to a range of regulations preventing excessive waste, water use and emissions.
Envirowise claims that by minimising waste, companies could reclaim 4.5% of annual turnover that is otherwise lost through poorly managed programmes. Often the processes that need to be changed are apparent, but companies feel they do not have the time to address this (for more see page 29 of the March issue of Food & Drink Technology).

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