Fruit and veg extracts

Fruit and veg extracts

ADM has introduced a line of extracts that deliver a concentrated dose of the antioxidant compounds beta-carotene and anthocyanins in a variety of food, beverage and supplement applications.

Its beta-carotene rich vegetable extracts originate from carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, paprika from chilli peppers and Reishi mushrooms, while its anthocyanin extracts originate from purple sweet potatoes, purple maize, purple carrots, beets, rhubarb, tomatoes and red cabbage.

The new extracts deliver key phytonutrients from vegetables while at the same time promising an optimal sensory experience and a clean tasting profile. They are soluble for a variety of applications and their use ranges from beverages, confections and frozen desserts to snacks, bars, baked goods, supplements and others.

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