Capturing food to go market

Capturing food to go market

Colpac has expanded its range of Combione packaging in response to food service and retail demand for more varied packaging sizes to fuel the increasingly popular food to go market.

Offering quick, efficient and hygienic packing of fresh produce, from salads and pasta to fruit and sandwiches, Combione consists of a paperboard base and plastic lid which are fused together with a hinge for secure closing.

With current pack volumes ranging from 1,110ml to 1,280ml the new pack size comes in a smaller 910ml size.

Neil Goldman, managing director of Colpac, explains, “Our Combione packs have been extremely successful and the new, reduced volume pack will suit smaller sized portions but will also enable retailers to up sell with side portions of salad or fruit to accompany main meals.”

Completely recyclable, the base is constructed from PE coated paperboard, to prevent absorption from dressings and sauces, while the lid is 100% rPET and anti mist.

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