Saucybitch Hot Sauces

Saucybitch has debuted its first range of vegan hot sauces, made with fermented chillies that are sourced from the company’s local community in Walthamstow, London. The brand launched after building up a following as an online retailer of hard-to-find artisanal American Hot Sauces.

The Hot Sauces come in four varieties – Hot Stuff, Golden Nugget, Smokin’ Hot and limited edition Pomegranate Hot Sauce.

Hot Sauces are growing in popularity in the UK, with UK chilli and tabasco sauces outstripping every other sauce and condiment in value (29.5%) and volume growth (24.8%).

Saucybitch hot sauces are all vegan and the brand tries to keep the production process as local, sustainable and carbon neutral as possible by using community sourced chillies to help produce their sauces. They established The Walthamstow Chilli Collective whereby chilli growers in Walthamstow donate their chillies to use in the production process. This initiative has proved very popular with the environmentally minded customer.

Saucybitch intend to add to their range of sauces with limited and special editions throughout the year. The first of these is a Pomegranate Hot Sauce that was released in February 2019. The next is a black coffee infused hot sauce pencilled in for late Spring.

Dean Smith of Saucybitch said: “The response to our sauces has been overwhelming. People love them and we sell out the minute we make a new batch. Our Instagram has a large following and has even led to a diner in Philadelphia buying the whole range. The cool opinion former delis that have approached us via our Instagram to start stocking them are hopefully a sign of the things to come. Customers seem to love the vegan, fermented and community sourced angle.”

Saucybitch is available to buy via the website and wholesale enquiries are to be made via the website in the first instance. The bottles retail for £5.95 each and come in 150ml bottles.

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