New DuPont cultures deliver health benefits

DuPont’s new cultures line contains its premium Howaru probiotics which are specially designed for fermented plant-based products to deliver clinically backed health benefits.

The DuPont Danisco VEGE cultures range offers desired taste and texture profiles in non-dairy applications. New additions to this range – Howaru Dophilus VG, which contains Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Howaru Bifido VG, which contains Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 – have highly documented, positive results in human studies for digestive health and well-being.

Available in single strain form, this range is non-dairy, non-animal, non-allergen, non-GMO, and is suitable for vegan diets.  It also is easy to integrate with existing cultures used in plant-based fermented food and beverage formulations.

“Digestive wellness is one of the top global trends for 2019. As consumers continue to make health and wellness part of their daily routines, they’re looking for benefit-focused options,” said Sonia Huppert, global product leader, plant-based products, DuPont. “Digestive health is an area where consumers can feel the benefits immediately. Symptoms like bloating and irregularity are treated with diet changes and with new products. Innovations in fermentation and probiotics can truly deliver solutions in this area.”

Validated by robust clinical trials, the Howaru brand is a high activity, premium probiotic product with high performance, high stability and high functionality.

These cultures not only respond to important wellness trends, but also to the increased demand for plant-based foods and the constant desire for great taste and texture. DuPont Danisco VEGE cultures were developed for a wide-ranging variety of plant-based raw materials, such as soy, peas, coconut, almond, nuts, oat, maize, rice, fruits and vegetables, to satisfy consumer taste and texture expectations – from typical and appealing fresh, clean and mild flavours to new, pleasant unexpected flavours.

“We have the broadest portfolio for plant-based fermented foods and beverages and a deep passion to not only help deliver the food experience consumers desire, but also to bring the health benefits they’re continually seeking,” said Didier Carcano, global marketing leader, cultures, DuPont. “We aim to continue investing in this area, growing our probiotics expansion efforts and working with our customers to create essential health solutions for growth opportunities across the globe.”

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