TYKU introduces cucumber infused sake in a can

TYKU Sake, a Japanese sake marketed in North America, has launched a new cucumber infused sake variant in a can.

“Delicate, light and refreshing with the crisp flavour of fresh cucumber and smooth finish,” said Guillaume Cuvelier, vice chairman of Davos Brands, the portfolio manager for TYKU Sake.

“This packaging format provides a convenient way to enjoy TYKU Cucumber Sake chilled or in delicious cocktails. The flavour is already a favorite with consumers and bartenders alike.”

These cans can be brought to places where glass cannot, such as picnics, concerts, festivals, and enjoyed on the go; they are easier to recycle than glass bottles.

The 250ml / 8 oz size offers the equivalent of a full wine glass plus a small refill, with an RSP of $4.99 for a single can, or a 4-pack for under $20.

With a 12% (24 Proof) alcohol content, TYKU Cucumber Sake is a refreshing alternative to white wines or rosé at a similar ABV. It has five-times less acidity than wine, and is tannin, gluten and sulfite free.  TYKU Cucumber Sake is already available nationwide in 720ml and 330ml glass bottles.

The new TYKU Cucumber Sake Cans will begin to roll out to retail stores throughout the US in July 2019.

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