Cranes Ciders launch canned variant

British company, Cranes Drinks has launched its vegan and gluten free Raspberries & Pomegranates cider into cans, to reduce their environmental impact and increase appeal to on the go consumers.

Cranes Ciders are brewed with the finest Wisconsin cranberries, alongside apples, to deliver a refreshing range of fruit ciders. Founded by twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema, Cranes Ciders are naturally light, with 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders.

Ben Ritsema, co-founder of Cranes Drinks said: “Consumers are constantly looking for products which fit within their lifestyle, and the can is the perfect fit as it is lightweight and quickly chilled. Not only do cans appeal greatly to the consumer, but additionally to stores, cans are lighter [than glass] and stackable meaning less wasted shelf space.”

Cranes wanted to reduce its environmental impact by introducing cans which will be packaged in cardboard, eliminating the use of plastic. These will be used for on the go and festivals, where consumers are now purchasing in smaller formats but more often and where recycling glass bottles is not as easy, resulting in a 25% increase in craft ciders moving into cans.

Dan Ritsema, co-founder of Cranes Drinks said: “Not only are consumers demanding great tasting, visual appealing and handcrafted products, but also products which have minimal or positive effects on the environment. The aluminium can is one of the most easily recycled materials, with over 35 million cans being recycled each week.”

Cranes Cider cans are currently available in Raspberries & Pomegranates while the full range of Cranes Ciders: Blueberries & Apples; Cranberries & Limes and Raspberries & Pomegranates are available in 500ml glass bottles.

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