Orbis to showcase bakery packaging solutions at IBIE

Orbis Corporation is highlighting several of its reusable packaging solutions designed for the baking industry at IBIE 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 8-11 September.

Headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, US, Orbis will help baking industry professionals seek ways to reduce labour costs, streamline merchandising, eliminate product damage and optimise transportation of goods. At IBIE, Orbis will feature its end-to-end reusable packaging solutions, from pallets for manufacturing to bulk containers for ingredient storage to tray/dolly systems for merchandising, to meet baking industry needs.

The Orbis IBIE booth will showcase:

Carts for bakery merchandising

  • Designed for efficient merchandising
  • Easy to handle by store personnel
  • Narrow profile for aisles and doorways

MultiTank for bulk handling

  • Efficient alternative to drums, intermediate bulk container tanks for wet and dry ingredients
  • Offers 6-to-1 return ratio and saves up to 75% in storage space
  • Innovative airtight and watertight lid design

Bakery tray and dolly systems

  • Comprehensive selection to meet a variety of requirements
  • Cross-stack and nest for back room and truck space savings
  • Can be integrated with automated systems to prevent system downtime
  • When combined with technology, enables supply chain visibility

Hygienic pallets

  • Keeps plants and equipment clean and minimises wood and dust debris
  • Easy to clean; Food and Drug Administration-approved material
  • No hidden cavities or hollow areas for contaminants to collect

Intelligent packaging capabilities (enabling tracking and management of reusable assets)

  • Improves visibility throughout the supply chain
  • Reduces theft, breakage and loss
  • Optimises use of packaging assets
  • Extends life of reusable transport packaging, resulting in a lower cost per trip

In addition to featuring its bakery product handling solutions, Orbis experts will be available to provide insights and more details about the latest trends in the baking industry, including track and trace shipping solutions.

“The baking industry has unique handling needs across its supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution to in-store merchandising,” said Raquel Serna, product manager, Orbis Corporation. “Orbis provides a broad array of solutions for the entire spectrum of baking professionals, allowing them to efficiently transport products and successfully deliver to consumers. We’re excited to showcase these innovative, baking-specific products at IBIE 2019.”

Visit Orbis at IBIE 2019 Booth 4857 or go to orbiscorporation.com.

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