Cargill enters meatless market with plant-based burger

Cargill will launch plant-based hamburger patties and ground “fake meat” products in April, the company has said.

“We believe we’re uniquely positioned to be very effective and efficient in the supply chain,” managing director of Cargill’s alternative protein team Elizabeth Gutschenritter said. “Producing plant-based products across our global supply chain is the logical next step to expanding our ability to meet consumer needs and bring new value to this category.”

The 155-year old company will offer a “portfolio that will encompass both pea and soy formulations,” Gutschenritter added.

The new offerings are part of Cargill’s inclusive approach to the future of protein – advancing both animal and alternative protein products to meet the expected 70% growth in global demand for protein over the next 30 years.

The plant-based protein products, which were developed through “culinary insight, extensive consumer research and innovation”, are made in Cargill facilities.

“We’ve created some of the best tasting products available in the plant-based category today,” said Elizabeth Gutschenritter, managing director of Cargill’s alternative protein team. “We’ve combined our deep knowledge of plant proteins with our expertise in R&D, product development and production to deliver products consumers will love.”

The new plant-based products from Cargill are an important next step in bringing more protein options to retail stores, cafeterias, fast food outlets, restaurants and other global locations.

Brian Sikes, leader of Cargill’s global protein and salt business notes customers are looking to the company for solutions.

“Cargill’s strategy for both food and feed is based on helping customers thrive in a world where demand for protein is rising,” said Sikes.

Cargill has invested $7 billion globally in animal protein in the last five years while making strategic investments in the alternative protein space.

“We need to keep all protein options on the table,” said Sikes. “Whether you are eating alternative or animal protein, Cargill will be at the centre of the plate.”

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