Adnams launches Innovation beer

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer, has launched Innovation, a distinctive celebration beer.

Innovation has been brewed to celebrate the completion of the new Adnams brewery and the steps it has taken to reduce its impact on the environment. The factory is highly energy efficient and features a heat condenser that recovers steam previously released into the atmosphere, which is then used to heat the brew.

Steve Curzon, marketing director at Adnams, commented,“We are incredibly proud of our new brew house. Within the walls of a Victorian building in the heart of Southwold it is possibly the most energy-efficient brewery in the country, The beer is a celebration of innovation and, of course very good beer from the coast.
To maintain the celebratory message, Adnams originally wanted to emboss the whole glass bottle. However, this was difficult because of the limited production run, so a technique called tactile printing was used.

In the past, bottle labels have been produced using a small element of tactile ink, but this was the first attempt to cover the entire label with the treatment to mimic the effect of the bottle glass being embossed.

Like all Adnams beer bottles, Innovation is made using 34% less glass. The benefit of this is that Adnams’ creates far fewer carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.

This results in a saving of 415 tonnes of CO2 per annum, which means lower fuel usage due to lighter transportation. The bottles are also 100% recyclable and capable of being re-melted to produce new glass containers.

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