Beavertown Brewery launches nanobot: a 2.8% ‘super session’ IPA

Beavertown Brewery launches nanobot: a 2.8% 'super session' IPA

Beavertown Brewery has launched the latest addition to its award-winning core range.

Nanobot, a new low alcohol ‘Super Session’ IPA,is a 2.8% pint-sized powerhouse brewed with Sabro and Simcoe hops, packing it with punchy citrus and juicy tropical top notes.

Beavertown Logan Plant, founder and CEO said: “When Beavertown started we were all about creating punchy, big-hitting beers that people hadn’t had before in the UK. Nowadays, people want even more from their food and drink choices to suit their lifestyle and a lot of the time, that can mean choosing a low ABV or less calories at the expense of something else – flavour. We want to remedy that with Nanobot.”

The addition of oats and wheat to the brew give a fuller, richer mouthfeel, meaning you get a drinking experience like that of a regular 5% IPA. At 97 kcal per can it’s also a lighter option for those who want it, and is 100% vegan.

Plant added: “We always had a May launch in mind, but I feel it’s important now more than ever to provide people with more choice in their drinking experience. While we’re all living in isolation, Nanobot is an exciting new option for those looking to try low ABV beers; a style that’s steadily been growing in popularity already. We hope this launch will give people a bit of a boost and keep us all going until we can return to our beloved pubs”.

To celebrate the launch, Logan hosted a real-time Nanobot tasting session on Beavertown’s Instagram Live on Friday (01) for a special edition of #4pmWithBeavertown.

Nanobot will be launching exclusively in Beavertown’s online shop today, priced at £1.90 per can.

It’s also in 230 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK from Saturday 2nd May.

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