Health-Ade launches new kombucha soda

Kombucha brand, Health-Ade, has released a new Health-Ade Booch Pop range, which the brand calls “re-defined soda with a feel-good twist”.

Health-Ade Booch Pop is made with the brand’s signature kombucha, and blends of prebiotics and minerals to create a shelf-stable, “full-flavoured fizz”. Similar to its predecessor, it is low in sugar and certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

“Health-Ade Booch Pop is the evolution of soda. When we first launched this company, our dream was to make our original kombucha drinks and healthier, bubbly beverages a staple in every home in America. Health-Ade Booch Pop is another step forward to achieving that goal,” said Health-Ade’s CEO, Daina Trout. “I want people to discover that kombucha is versatile as a beverage ingredient and that soda doesn’t have to be made with the same stuff every time.”

Health-Ade Booch Pop will be available in three flavours: Lemon + Lime, Pom-Berry and Ginger Fizz, with additional flavours to follow. The canned drinks are available now on Amazon and (8-pack $19.99; 12-pack $29.99).

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