Envirowise calls for collaboration on compliance

Food and drink manufacturers should focus on working with their supply chains in order to fully realise the opportunities presented by packaging minimisation, say sustainability experts Envirowise.

As Defra announces tougher business targets for packaging recovery and recycling rates until 2010, companies need to increasingly assess the risks and opportunities of compliance for them and their customers.

Envirowise packaging specialist Jenni Rosser said,“Under UK packaging regulations, any company handling more than 50 tonnes of packaging a year and with an annual turnover of more than £2 million is obliged to register their obligation with a packaging compliance scheme or directly with the Environment Agency.
“However, these more stringent targets may increase the cost of compliance for many companies and while legislation is driving businesses to increasingly recognise their recycling commitments, many are still failing to seize new opportunities for resource efficiency along the way.

“We would like to see people increasingly working with their supply chains to investigate how cleaner design could help to minimise packaging volumes. For example, reducing the amount of raw material specified at design stage can help minimise carbon emissions generated by extraction and transportation, as well as reducing production costs.

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