Elementar UK launches new honey adulteration testing system

Elementar UK launches new honey adulteration testing system

BiovisION Honey, a robust and ultra-efficient analytical tool for the detection of honey adulteration, has been launched by Elementar UK.

The new IRMS analysis platform is specifically designed for comprehensive honey sample analysis, and utilises high-temperature combustion technology to eliminate downtime, automate key processes and increase sample throughput.

Elementar UK has designed and launched BiovisION Honey in response to growing demand for a more reliable approach to honey analysis. With honey adulteration on the rise, food labs depend on IRMS platforms to identify products with added sugars, or those that have been falsely mislabelled as being from a specific geographic region.

However, Elementar UK believes that many current systems lack robustness, resulting in considerable downtime and a high cost per analysis. BiovisION Honey reportedly solves this by using high-temperature combustion methods to analyse honey samples, which Elementar UK states is a far more efficient approach than the wet chemical techniques used by other commercial IRMS systems.

Mike Seed, IRMS sales and product manager for Elementar UK, said: “The natural simplicity of honey is key to its consumer appeal – but also makes it very easy to adulterate. The widespread nature of this problem means there is currently a real demand for a robust, straightforward new technique for honey testing and authentication.

“With BiovisION Honey, the aim was to leverage our proven expertise in the field of high-temperature oxidation to address this need for honey scientists. The result is a system that provides unparalleled durability and ease of use, with highly automated processes and a low cost of ownership.

“By launching BiovisION Honey, we are hoping to help food analysis and authentication labs to achieve the best possible return on investment while keeping quality standards high, ensuring they are able to accelerate their essential work in safeguarding global honey supply chains.”

To find out more about the new system, visit Elementar UK’s dedicated BiovisION Honey page, or view the company’s head-to-head competitor analysis here.

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