Puriton adds Chocolate Hazelnut flavour to wholefood nutrition blend lineup

Puriton adds Chocolate Hazelnut flavour to wholefood nutrition blend lineup

With Easter within touching distance and UK business Purition enjoying significant success with its three chocolate-themed offerings, (Beetroot & Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and classic Chocolate) April seemed the ‘perfect moment’ for Purition to tip its hat to one of the world’s most mercurial chocolate-themed flavour marriages, Chocolate Hazelnut.

There are countless food myths relating to how and why the chocolate and hazelnuts were first paired together, although general consensus seems to suggest that 1800s Turin is the spiritual starting point, because when Napoleon sought to break Britain’s maritime supply lines, Italian chocolatiers found themselves padding out their dwindling chocolate supplies with the North’s highly prized hazelnuts.

Today this most decadent ‘flavour union’ is celebrated throughout the world, and, according to Puriton, the British public seem to look fondly on this velvety flavour liaison in much the same way they might apples & cinnamon, tomatoes and olive oil and strawberries & cream.

Purition founder Edward Taylor says: “Almost everyone loves Chocolate & Hazelnut, but it often comes at the expense of a high sugar load. We wanted to offer consumers a healthier way to enjoy this classic flavour combo.”

To the uninitiated, Purition is a versatile, wholefood nutrition made with a blend of 70% healthy seeds, nuts, plus a premium whey or plant-based protein, (hence vegetarian and vegan friendly variants) that can be used to create shakes, smoothies, porridges, stir into yoghurt or add to any number of ‘healthy bakes’ that ably assist a variety of optimal long-term health ambitions; (including weight loss, muscle gain, improved nutrition).

Purition is available at Amazon, Ocado, Selfridges, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett, Boots or Purition Online.

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