Purition launches Chai Latte offering

Purition launches Chai Latte offering

The arrival of sunny weather to our vitamin D deprived shores in the UK is coinciding with the arrival of Purition’s aromatic Chai Latte, a heady blend of cardamom, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon and cloves to create the ultimate aromatic nutritional shake with warm, fragrant undertones.

Chai Latte, a popular edition to UK café culture, was once described by an eminent New York Professor as ‘somewhere between a drink and a pudding,’ a timeless, cult beverage which can trace its UK roots back to 1960s when returning travellers from the ‘hippy trail’ brought it back as an alternative hot beverage because as a former Starbuck’s head of innovation once proclaimed, ‘coffee isn’t for everyone and even some ardent coffee enthusiasts don’t want to drink it all day!’

Purition provides a spiced milk wholefood blend packed with top drawer spices and unrivalled refreshment yet tellingly devoid of heat, a well-balanced blend that pairs with every imaginable milk from cow and almond to cashew, macadamia and soy.

Purition’s new offering will be available from 1 May from Boots, Whole Foods, Selfridges and Holland & Barratt.

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