Kyon Drinks gains Vegetarian Society accreditation

Kyon Drinks gains Vegetarian Society accreditation

New soft drinks producer Kyon – UK creator of the bold and zesty Ppinger – is now proud to bear The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark. 

Only licensed to products that meet their strict criteria, The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark accreditation is awarded following independent and production method checking by their own expert panel. Kyon Drinks’ lightly sparkling 100% natural soft drink is already delivering a deliciously big ‘kick’ that’s shaking up the market as well as the nation’s taste buds and this stamp of approval is sure to add to the brand’s broad appeal.

Kyon Drinks founder Daniel Suppey says: “We are so proud that our first foray into non-alcoholic beverages – the Ppinger – has been accredited with the most long-standing and well-established trademark of its type. From the beginning it was essential that our fiery ginger and fruity apple soft drink would have wide appeal by containing all natural ingredients. Endorsement by The Vegetarian Society is testament to this and strengthens the Kyon Drinks brand credibility as well as giving additional reassurance to consumers.”

An invigorating and lower level sugar substitute to a regular canned drink, the Ppinger is formulated around full body ginger extract, reportedly giving it a complex and aromatic character that leaves lingering warmth on the palate. Extracted from the fresh rhizome root of the finest ginger sourced from Peru and Costa Rica, Ppinger also includes freshly squeezed lime plus apple juice and elderflower concentrates mixed with water to impart its distinctively bold yet appetising flavour. Developed to be enjoyed straight, this highly versatile non-alcoholic drink makes an adventurous and fiery mixer too, whether blended in a smoothie, a ‘mocktail’ or shaken with a little rum.

As well as being revitalising to the senses, ginger is a well-known antioxidant and immune booster making it the perfect choice for consumers looking for products with additional health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants – essential natural compounds that help prevent and reduce stress on the body’s DNA – ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory. In addition, ginger has many other well-documented health benefits such as helping to settle tummy upsets, soothe travel and morning sickness and ease digestion. 

With consumers now far more aware of the sugar content of their drinks, Ppinger contains only low levels of naturally occurring fruit sugars. Made in the UK, it is gluten free, contains no added preservatives and is also suitable for vegans. The bright and zesty green and gold recyclable packaging reflects the brand’s vitalising ingredients, while the clear glass bottle ensures consumers can see the fresh and vibrant natural contents.

Available in a 250ml Grab ’n Go Pack (RSP from £30.00) and a 750ml Sharing Pack (RSP from £33.00), Kyon’s new drink is already being stocked by a number of independent retailers. Additional outlets can now order stock via RSP for the 250ml bottle is £2.50 and £6.00 for the 750ml bottle.

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Kyon Drinks also reportedly has two new lines to sit alongside the Ppinger in the pipeline.

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