Neitiv enters beer market with UK’s first range of Coconut Flower Beer

Neitiv has launched the UK’s first Coconut Flower Beer. With an exciting and unique tasting flavour according to the company, the new range of premium British lager uses nutritious coconut flower drops as a key ingredient. Entirely vegan, sustainably produced in the UK and with low-calorie content, the beer is reportedly the first of its kind.

In the UK, only 17% of women drink beer in comparison to 53% of men, according to The Gender Pint Gap. Neitiv is on a mission to smash negative gender stereotypes and empower all people to enjoy beer without negative consequences.

The range includes three types of lager; Ninkasi (sweet with a rich coconut finish), Menquet (bright and light with a hint of hops) and Dea Latis (crisp and soft with a mild hoppy finish). With the ABV ranging from 1.5% – 4% and calories as low as 24/100ml calories per beverage, the brand believes its range has a beer for every taste.

Highly nutritional and rich in antioxidants, the coconut flower drops contain more than 20 minerals and are high in protein and amino acids, as well as having a low glycemic index and calorie content.

Vaani VetriKo, co-founder of Neitiv comments; “As a woman from Malaysia, growing up I learnt that drinking beer was frowned upon and something I wasn’t able to enjoy. Neitiv was created to empower all people to enjoy great tasting beer. As part of this, we’re supporting projects such as All Yours Period Poverty as we want to enable people in all areas of their lives. We have exciting plans for the future with new product launches and support for more projects that help to empower all people.”

The lager range is available to buy at in packs of eight (RRP £34.40), or a Discovery Pack which includes one of each variant, a Coconut Shell Candle and a Coconut Shell Cup (RRP £22.30).

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