Polar Krush shakes up iced drinks market with new Calippo Burst

International iced drinks company, Polar Krush, has announced the arrival of its new frozen carbonated drinks range, Calippo Burst – its biggest launch in this sector for several years.

With Calippo recognised as one of the largest refreshment impulse purchase brands in the UK, Calippo Burst will be offering a premium fizzy slush portfolio that consists of five fruity flavours – strawberry, lemon, orange, lime, and cola.

With the addition of Calippo Burst, Polar Krush is able to provide a diverse carbonated slush offering to its customers to sit alongside the current ranges sold across all sectors from leisure to convenience.

Key to Calippo Burst’s future success is its high-volume operating machines which, due to their advanced technology, can dispense up to 180 16oz cups per hour, giving customers confidence in its quality output. The business strategy to invest in new machines aims to drive further customer retention and consistent revenue growth in 2022 and beyond.

Michael Reid, CEO of Polar Krush said: “The launch of Calippo Burst enables us to offer a brand new carbonated iced-drinks range to the market, giving us yet another edge against our competitors with our robust product portfolio. Partnering with Unilever’s Wall’s for the application of Calippo Burst across the UK not only shows our level of professionalism but the confidence that they have in our company and capabilities. The excitement from the customers when they see the machine and try the product is proving that confidence is well-founded.

“With the purchase of our new advanced technology machines, we can meet the needs of more customers by implementing a better support system and delivering the highest quality product. The investment into new operating machines will also reduce the risk of machine breakdowns making it the best possible return on investment for our customers as well as the best value in the market.”

The launch of the new product range comes as the iced-drinks firm predicts large-scale growth for 2022. This vision is driven by the company’s plans to grow the successful partnership with Calippo, the purchase of independent carbonated drinks brand, 40 Kola and new leadership at the helm of the business.

Serving millions of cups each year in the UK alone, the company also supplies machines and drinks to several countries around the world. Customers include cinemas, bowling alleys, leisure centres, ice rinks, food courts, holiday and theme parks, shopping centres and independent retailers.

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