Epic Oats launches innovative granola topped porridge range

Epic Oats, a healthy, low in sugar, high in protein convenience snack combining oats with a deliciously flavoured granola topping, has launched a first-to-market range of three products.

British Epic Oats has developed an innovative porridge pot range which has a separate granola topping in three quintessentially British flavours; Apple Crumble, Cherry Bakewell and Original. It launches into the independent, retail and health food market in June 2022.

It is the healthiest porridge pot on the market which is low in sugar, gluten-free, vegan friendly and high in fibre and protein. It is also fully recyclable.

Epic Oats is the only oat pot in the UK with all green traffic lights and one of the first to be 100% HFSS compliant. Epic Oats has a HFSS score of -1. This is a key advantage for the brand as competitors seek to reformulate their products to capitalise on promotional opportunities instore.

Daniel Knightley, founder of Epic Oats said: “Our range of British oat pots have been created with both taste and health in mind. We spent a long time perfecting the additional crunchy granola topping so it offers something unique to the category.

“There is much more scrutiny on cereal brands to stop misleading consumers with deceptively healthy products and Epic Oats is keen to stand out as the healthiest oat pot there is.”

A single 195g pot contains 14g of protein and it contains 67% less sugar than the market leading product with approximately just 5g of sugar in each pot. (This figure has been taken by comparing Epic Oats Original oat pot with Quakers Golden Syrup Porridge Pot. Per 100g, Epic Oats Original contains 5.2g of sugar and Quakers Golden Syrup contains 16g).

Data from Kantar suggests that the natural & wholesome cereal category, mostly consisting of granola and muesli, has seen the most YOY growth with consumers actively looking for health conscious brands.

Even though HFSS restrictions have been delayed, retailers are still on the hunt for food brands that tick the boxes for genuinely healthy products.

The brand has spent the last two years developing a product combining both oats and granola that could tick all of their boxes; low in sugar, gluten free, high in protein and fibre and dairy free.

The oat and granola combo is an innovative move which adds flavour and texture to the three flavours in their range: Original, Cherry Bakewell and Apple Crumble. Epic Oat pots have a RRP: £2.20.

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