Capri Sun cuts sugar by 40% across juice portfolio using monk fruit

Capri Sun is now rolling-out of its original juice drink pouches with an average of 40 per cent less sugar than the current product.

Each single serving will now have on average, 8g of total sugars and 5g of added sugars. All flavours will hit retailer shelves this August in new packaging highlighting the reduction.

Capri Sun, a Kraft Heinz Company brand, said it has spent several years perfecting the reformulation to achieve a significant decrease in sugar while maintaining its iconic taste. The brand said, the “major unlock” was using monk fruit concentrate, a natural sweetener it says is gaining popularity in the food and beverage industry.

The move was also driven by parents’ ever-increasing focus to reduce their kids’ sugar intake.

“Sugar, especially in the beverage category, is a major pain point for parents,” said Erica Watkins, associate brand director for Capri Sun. “As a category leader and kids number one favourite juice drink, it was critical that the renovation meet our brand’s size and scale without compromising either our iconic taste or our commitment to using all natural ingredients.”

This is the largest renovation Capri Sun has implemented since it first launched in 1986. It also marks a major milestone for the Kraft Heinz Company in its transformation journey to innovate across its portfolio and achieve one of its key ESG goals.


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