CSB provides a sweet solution for bakery specialist

Cypriot bakery and confectionery specialist Zorbas Group cites the IT solutions of CSB-System and the strong partnership between the two companies as key factors in its continued success and growth.

Zorbas is now a player in the international market with outlets in the USA and firmly believes the single CSB ERP system that is used throughout the group and powers its web shop is providing it with full integration across the company, with faster and more flexible logistics procedures and production processes, and optimisation of its supply chain.

Established in 1975 by Andreas Zorbas as a small bakery in the backyard of his house in Athienou, a small town in the province of Larnaca, today the Zorbas Group has three production units featuring the latest equipment and technology. The company has 69 stories throughout Cyprus, along with two recently opened outlets in the United States and a third scheduled to open shortly.

With over 2,500 employees, Zorbas Group says that people have always been the most decisive factor in its growth. Supporting their commitment has been the company’s efforts to constantly evolve and upgrade its technology, working hand in hand with CSB-System.

CSB’s ERP system provides a point of reference for Zorbas Group’s entire IT. All stores and production facilities directly enter their orders in the company’s Webshop order systems, where available stock is checked in real time.

Based on these orders and current inventory levels, the production planning and scheduling program (PPS) of the CSB system calculates the production plan. Real-time analysis of data from other divisions of the company, such as sales or the warehouses, allows the system to supply raw materials at the correct time.

“This makes it possible for us to have fresh ingredients always available, while at the same time reducing waste,” explained Zorbas Group’s software administrator Marinos Magafas.

The CSB solution also delivers effective quality control in goods receiving and production. Managers from all the different production sites can access the latest statistics at any time, providing flexibility and full control for each of the individual operations.

“Without the integration of all company areas in a single software system, it would probably not be possible to achieve this high level of transparency,” added Marinos Magafas.

The use of mobile devices makes the qualitative and quantitative control processes of incoming goods faster and more flexible. From the storage of incoming raw materials to their movement throughout the factory, and from order-based handling and picking with automatic document management to route optimisation, all activities are executed using flexible and intuitive M-ERP procedures.

Production processes are also monitored and controlled via CSB-Rack industrial computers with touchscreen technology that are installed in many areas of the factories.

For onward distribution, orders are loaded onto trucks in accordance with the planned routes, ensuring maximum load volumes and weights.

Zorbas Group’s main activity is the company’s Zorbas Bakeries where bakery and confectionery products, along with cooked meals, salads and sandwiches, are on sale. All items prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Every Zorbas bakery stores also includes a ‘Coffee Berry’ coffee shop selling and serving the finest coffee and other beverages.

The company’s love for and specialisation in international cuisine and confectionery has also led to the creation of the ‘Pralina Confectioneries’ and the ‘Pralina Experience’ restaurants in Nicosia and Limassol.

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