Scelta Inside and MBio join forces to develop vitamin powder

Scelta Inside – part of the Scelta Mushrooms Group – has signed a distribution agreement with MBio – innovation arm of the Monaghan Group.

The companies are joining forces to develop the global market for natural food ingredients supplying vitamins derived from mushrooms.

The ingredient line includes Vitamin D Mushroom Powder and Vitamin B12 Mushroom Powder which can be used for fortification in food, beverages, nutraceutical, and supplement industries.

Vitamin D and B12 are known to be vital for a balanced and healthy nutrition. Both vitamins are now available in a vegan form and can be labelled as natural vitamins derived from the well-known and much liked white button mushroom. A strong consumer advantage in food.

The natural conversion of the mushroom’s ergosterol into vitamin D using UV light transforms this kitchen cup ingredient into a valuable ingredient for the food industry. Its benefits include low dosage, vegan source and clear declaration.

Also Vitamin B12 is now available as a vegan nutrient, derived from mushrooms. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in brain health, red blood cell formation, normal function of the nervous system, and regulation of the immune system. It is also known for fighting fatigue and enhancing energy levels.

With this cooperation Scelta Inside will drive the development of the global food market for natural vitamin enrichment with access to these two valuable ingredients. With the combination of vitamin D, B12 and its “umami” ingredients Scelta Inside said it will help to make many products healthy and tasty at the same time.

MBio focuses on developing a range of revolutionary ingredients all from a single natural source – the mushroom. Scelta Inside is focused on sales, marketing & distribution, supporting its global customer base to develop healthy, tasty food applications.

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