Bartek to highlight new Ingredients for beverage and gummies at FiE

Bartek Ingredients is bringing new products for beverage and gummy manufacturing to the European market Dec. 6-8 at the Food ingredients Europe trade show in Paris.

The company is highlighting EasyAcid Malic Solution, a liquid malic acid ingredient, and Pecmate Pectin Enhancer, an ingredient that “simplifies formulation and production processes” when using pectin in gummies.

“As a supplier to beverage, confectionery, and nutraceutical companies across the globe, Bartek knows that innovation begins alongside our customers and addressing their challenges,” said Mohammad Emami, Bartek’s director of marketing and business development. “That is why we closely follow consumer trends and manufacturers’ challenges, so we can offer customised solutions specific to these challenges.”

EasyAcid is specially developed for beverages, sauces, dressings, and other liquid-based applications
with the following benefits:

  • An economical alternative to dry malic acid delivering the same sour and pH management
  • Simplifies production by eliminating the need to dissolve malic acid
  • Eliminates dust created during use of malic acid
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of blending errors

Pecmate is developed for brand owners and contract manufacturers developing gummies and other products that use pectin, which is harder to work with and less forgiving than alternatives like gelatin. It provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents pre-gelling during production
  • Holds pH in the proper range, allowing gummies to stay fluid and set up properly when acid is
  • Creates a greater range of workability for pectin formulation than the limited range when
    working with pectin alone

The company recently introduced Pecmate K, a functionally equivalent, potassium-based version of Pecmate that allows for removal of sodium from the ingredient legend in applications where that is needed.

“These are not the last new ingredients you’ll see from Bartek,” Emami said. “Expect to see more specialty products made with malic and fumaric acid throughout 2023.”

Any attendees interested in EasyAcid, Pecmate, or any of Bartek’s other ingredients can visit the company at booth 7.2C71.

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