Food expert reveals the biggest foodie trends for 2023

Trends come and go and, thanks to social media, there are new food trends taking over the world almost everyday, or at least every week. But some trends can stay with us for a while as our consumer habits continuously evolve.

Here, food and flavour expert from The Gift Of Oil, Phil Bianchi, shares his top seven predictions for next year’s biggest food trends.

  1. Plant based – As we all become more eco-conscience, the rise of plant based food will definitely be at the forefront of 2023. Plant based foods will be more accessible and also the narrative with the public will change as people become more aware of healthier choices and how to cook delicious foods using plant based goods.
  2. Fusions – The mixing of traditional cuisines to create something brand new will continue to rise next year. We have seen a lot of Asian fusion restaurants and some Italian-Greek combinations too but for 2023 we will start to see more unusual pairings such as Brazilian Sushi and Indian Tapas.
  3. Low & no – Continuing with the health conscience theme, more people will experiment with low and no alcoholic drinks. Over in the states hard seltzers are hugely popular and are gaining more momentum here in the UK, so expect to see a lot more options on the supermarket shelves.
  4. Food seekers – Rather than thrill seeking, travellers will now be looking for holidays that provide incredible, authentic food and drink. People will book holidays purely for the food on offer – think Italian wine country or traditional Asian street markets. Perhaps even a classic British pub grub adventure or afternoon tea specials along the Thames for tourists.
  5. Dual branding – As inflation increases, more restaurant chains or independent shops will begin to pair up; doubling the customers and sharing the costs. This is something we’ve seen a lot with supermarkets as brands such as YO Sushi and Starbucks are stocked across our main stores. But, we will see other big brands partner up as they have in the US – for example, Jamba Juice and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels share a premise. The key here is that the two chains offer something different. Perhaps a Pret x Dunkin Doughnuts combo is on the horizon.
  6. Brand story – In 2023, consumers will take more notice of the story of the brands they are buying. They will care about their welfare policies and economic contribution. Are they fair trade? Is it organic? How is it made and tested? Customers will not just be buying products but consciously buying into the brand as well.
  7. Home luxuries – With the cost of living crisis very prominent, a lot of people will indulge more in little home luxuries such as posh tea or artisan olive oils. While the cost of eating out regularly is becoming unattainable for some, people do still like to treat themselves so these luxurious at-home options will see a strong sales period throughout 2023.

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