Activ’Inside invests 12 million Euros in food supplement factory

Activ’Inside, the French expert in active ingredients for food supplements, is diversifying its activities and investing in a contract manufacturing factory in Beychac and Caillau (Gironde, southwest Frnce).

Building on its success and the expertise Activ’Inside has acquired in the scientific, analytical, regulatory and marketing fields, the company now wishes to accelerate its development by offering a 360° service from scientifically validated ingredients to customised dietary supplements.

“We have noticed an evolution of our customers’ requests for a while now. While they used to ask us for innovative and effective ingredients to formulate, they are now requesting for complete support from the choices of ingredients to the realisation of the finished product, all with a marketing perspective and regulatory validation. These customers’ needs are the reasoning behind Activ’Inside Manufacturing,” said Benoit Lemaire, co-founder

Activ’Inside’s new building currently under construction has a surface area of 3200m² and will be completed during the first half of 2023. Located in Beychac et Caillau (20km from Bordeaux), the factory will be 500m from the company’s headquarters.

The site will comprise an application laboratory with equipment allowing Activ’Inside’s teams to develop, analyse and control the quality of products under optimal conditions.

It will house various production lines:

  • Premixing (weighing, mixing, grinding, sieving, bulk packaging)
  • Manufacturing of gummies (pectin based), capsules
  • Packaging: in pillboxes, sticks and doypacks

The production facility integrates state-of-the-art production technologies for dry galenic forms and gummies in a controlled and monitored environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This industrial facility will allow Activ’Inside to develop quality food supplements that are made in France under safe and optimum conditions.

Activ’Inside has committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“The construction of the site was designed to limit our environmental impact and achieve a high level of energy performance of the building, particularly through an innovative heat recovery system. In addition, we are equipping ourselves with hi-tech industrial equipment in terms of the environment, such as a production line dedicated to manufacture gummies (with a low water consumption). Future installations of a 1,000m² photovoltaic panels are also planned in order to achieve auto-consumption of the electricity produced.

“Lastly, further approach will be taken in regards to the factory’s operations, such as the eco-design of products and the waste management plan” Stéphane Rey, co-founder.

The project is intended to create 15 jobs on site within the next two years.

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