Hinojosa Packaging Group launches 100% recyclable packaging line

Hinojosa Packaging Group’s commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics has become even more tangible with its entry into the foodservice sector. The Group has launched the Foodservice line, a pioneering primary packaging range for prepared foods and beverages, that is both 100% recyclable and also environmentally neutral at the end of their life cycle.

In a sector of food industry with the highest demand for more environmentally sustainable materials, plastic contamination has become one of today’s principal environmental problems. According to Plastics Europe, more than 368 million tons of plastic are produced each year for packaging.

Alongside other products by the group, such as Halopack and 360GP, Hinojosa aims to help companies promote more sustainable consumption patterns in the food industry and facilitate the strategic integration of sustainability as leverage towards greater competitiveness.

The use of plastics to package prepared foods increased by more than 33% in 2021, making foodservice one of the sectors with the highest demand for plastic for packaging. For this reason, the company just opened their first plant completely dedicated to manufacturing paper-based primary packaging for the foodservice sector, producing and distributing prepared or ready-to-process food and beverages to food industries, vending, supermarkets, and the HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and catering).

The company’s new line of products offers various solutions in which printing techniques suitable for contact with food are used. The main distinguishing feature of this packaging is that it is made from pieces of 100% recylcable paper and are certified compostable.

The new models are classified into three ranges: Beverage, Dairy and FoodContainer. The first, designed for (hot and cold) beverages; the second, designed for dairy products, such as yogurts and ice-cream; and the third, designed for 4th and 5th range prepared foods, making them a great choice for delivery services for restaurants and quick-service chains (QSR).

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