Consumers shift focus to get the right protein – Arla Foods Ingredients survey

Arla Foods Ingredients is highlighting a growing consumer focus on nutrient quality as it launches a new brand for its line of microparticulated whey proteins.

Recent research shows that almost 70% of consumers are focused on the sources of protein in food and beverages, with naturality and nutritional value major motivations [Health Focus International: Top 10 Trends, 2023]. Furthermore, 36% of those with an interest in protein say a complete protein source is the most important factor when choosing between products [Health Focus International Study based on 22 countries, 2022].

To help meet this increasing need, Arla Foods Ingredients is offering a line of whey proteins based on patented microparticulation technology. Bearing the new name of Nutrilac ProteinBoost, it offers a range of benefits that meet the needs of manufacturers as well as health-conscious consumers.

Rich in all nine essential amino acids, the ingredients in the range represent a complete protein source. Additionally, they are easy to add to food and beverage products, and provide indulgent texture and mild dairy taste.

Katrine Helene Fruergaard Holm, global industry marketing manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said protein is the “go-to nutrient” for many health-focused consumers and for years manufacturers responded by packing in as much of it as possible. However, consumers are increasingly focused not just on getting more protein, but also on getting the right protein.

“They want complete proteins that deliver all the essential amino acids needed for well balanced nutrition, and of course they want them in products with great taste and texture, Fruergaard Holm said. “Offering both practical benefits and high nutritional quality, Nutrilac ProteinBoost is the ultimate complete protein source.”

To demonstrate how Nutrilac solutions can help meet the demand for high-quality protein, Arla Foods Ingredients is inviting manufacturers to take part in a virtual protein seminar. It will focus on four categories:

  • Nutrilac ProteinBoost is ideal for high-protein ice cream, where it can provide up to 15% protein content and deliver a clean, neutral dairy taste
  • In drinking yogurts, Nutrilac ProteinBoost can provide high protein content with low viscosity, high solubility and pleasant mouthfeel
  • Nutrilac ProteinBoost can be used to create spoonable yogurts with increased viscosity and stability, as well as very high protein content
  • High-protein dairy bites are an increasingly popular new format. Nutrilac solutions can help them taste great, and retain their shape and texture over a long shelf life.

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