Dawn Foods adds limited edition liquid flavourings

Following the success of its Classic Trifle and Wild Strawberry Limited edition summer flavourings, Dawn Foods has added further flavourings – Black Cherry and Caramel Biscuit – to the range.

Made in the UK using natural flavour components, the new, highly concentrated, bake stable flavourings are ready to use and according to Dawn, a few drops can transform a bake, help bakers create fashionable ‘hybrid’ cakes and help drive incremental sales this autumn.

Black Cherry has been a long-time favourite with consumers and its association with retro cakes such as Black Forest Gateau means the flavour is enjoying a renaissance. Dawn’s Black Cherry Flavouring gives a distinct sweet cherry flavour with a slight tartness. It pairs well with other popular bakery flavours such as chocolate, almond, vanilla and other berries such as raspberry. The new product allows bakers to quickly add all the flavour notes of black cherry without the sourcing, seasonality and pricing issues of using fresh black cherries

‘Flavour of the moment’ and one which does not appear to waning in popularity across bakery and confectionery, Caramel Biscuit combines sweet caramel notes with the traditional speculoos spice base. Bakers can easily make the most of the trend for caramelised biscuit bakes, cakes and desserts by adding a few drops of Dawn’s Caramel Biscuit Flavouring without the need to buy in additional ingredients.

The versatile new Black Cherry and Caramelised Biscuit Flavourings are naturally vegan and allergen free. They can be added to ready-to-use ingredients such as creams, frostings and mousses and, because they are bake-stable, they can be added direct to the batter in cakes, cookies and muffins too.

All the flavourings in the range come with easy to use dosage caps and at 5g to 1000g dosage level, these concentrated liquid flavourings are economical too.

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