White paper advises on metal and x-ray detection

Food manufacturers are increasingly invMetal Detectoresting in contaminant-detection equipment to enhance product safety and quality control. However, deciding whether to purchase a metal detector, x-ray inspection system or both can be confusing.

To assist with this decision, Mettler-Toledo has published a new white paper that dispels myths surrounding the two technologies and simplifies the choice between them. By doing so, it helps manufacturers to select the most appropriate contaminant-detection method for their specific application and budget.

The 12-page paper describes how metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems work and explains their capabilities and limitations. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies helps readers to understand why one may perform better than the other at different points on a production line.

The paper goes on to review the performances of the technologies across a range of applications and makes it easy for readers to pinpoint the detection technology that is right for their application by guiding them through the various combinations of product, packaging and contaminant they are likely to encounter.

– The white paper, Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both?, is available for download at www.mt.com/xray-metal

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