Smart Protein releases science-backed and nutritionist formulated supplements for optimal active wellness

Smart Protein has announced the launch of an all-new range of premium active and wellness nutritional supplements launching online, and across 142 Tesco stores nationwide.

Being part of The Original Fit Factory’s wellness ecosystem of products and services that elevate the wellbeing journey, the nutritionist formulated, science backed range has been crafted to make nutrition both straightforward and accessible to everyone amid an increasingly confusing landscape, where consumers feel they lack the knowledge to be able to make informed choices to improve their wellbeing.

The development is partly a result of a survey in December conducted by the brand, which found that just 21% of the 2000 UK adults surveyed explained they had a strong understanding of how to use nutritional supplements, how they work and their benefits.

A staggering 76% would like to see more education and support on taking supplements, with 66% favouring simple, digestible information to help them do this.

In-line with combatting this, Smart Protein’s holistic range of 12 core products has been created to help customers easily shop by the results they are looking for, and with 28 flavour combinations, great taste also a focus for the brand, the products sit across two categories, ‘Active’ and ‘Wellness’, focused on delivering outcomes that create lifelong wellbeing and an edge to your daily lifestyle.

In the ‘Wellness’ category meanwhile, sits a well-balanced range of vitamins and supplements – including nootropics, gummies and supergreens – designed to nurture your body and uplift your mind, from gut health, to immunity, skin health, sleep, focus, concentration, and bone and joint health.

Sharing his excitement to be launching the range, David Weir, founder and CEO of Smart Protein parent brand, The Original Fit Factory, says it is incredibly exciting to be launching the new Smart Protein range, especially so with the support of one of the UK’s biggest retailers in Tesco.

“Our products are for anyone looking to take small steps towards being their best and achieving a lifestyle edge – it’s about providing people with life hacks to live smarter,” Weir adds, “A lot of people want to do more for their health but don’t know where to start or what to do because nutrition has become complicated – we want to change that, revolutionising the nutritional supplements space.

“By delivering on a first of its kind shopping experience, both on and offline, that encourages consumers with clear guidance on supporting their desired lifestyle outcomes, with high quality, delicious tasting premium products, we are inviting the whole world to feel good.”

With a focus on breaking down barriers through education in everything they do too, the team are continuing to build out their expert team, with personal trainer and performance coach, Bobby Rich, who has worked with the likes of the Beckhams, Madonna and Jason Statham joining the brand as active expert ambassador.

The appointment of one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, Tina Lond-Caulk, as lead nutritionist, further strengthens the brand’s in-house expertise too, and Lond-Caulk will work with Smart Protein’s wider expert team to help bring further products to market, to deliver on providing the most accessible and trusted, great tasting, premium nutritional supplements, that elevate the wellbeing journey for everyone.

Smart Protein’s extensive launch range will be available to buy across 63 countries outside of the UK.

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