Choco Cakes launch in the UK

St. Michel, France’s favourite cake and biscuit brand, brings its much loved Choco Cakes range to the UK: a selection of Choco Muffin, Choco Waffle, Choco Donut and Choco Burger are now available in Tesco and Waitrose stores plus online at Ocado with rrp £2.00 per box. Made in France using French wheat, cage-free eggs and absolutely no palm oil, the Choco Cakes range contains no artificial preservatives.

Available in handy boxes of six, each delicious cake is individually wrapped in foil, making them perfect to pop in to lunch boxes or as an afternoon treat at home or on the go, guaranteeing freshness and that unbeatable, authentic French taste.

  • Choco Burger is a delightful soft cake made of two slices of airy biscuits filled with chocolate mousse.
  • Choco Donut is a fun and light sponge cake, made in a donut shape and coated with irresistible, thick milk chocolate.
  • Choco Muffin is made of scrumptious fluffy dough, dipped in milk chocolate giving a tasty topping.
  • Choco Waffle is an exquisite little sponge cake with three soft squares filled with smooth chocolate.

Founded in 1905 St. Michel’s products are made in France to traditional recipes using the finest quality ingredients. The Choco Cakes range is the latest family friendly addition to the St. Michel portfolio.

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