Safeline’s liquid asset

Mettler Toledo Safeline says it has made a significant breakthrough in the detection of contaminants in fluids with the launch of its FluidCheK x-ray inspection system. Developed primarily to meet the needs of manufacturers and packers of beverages and other liquids, the manufacturer says the system is equipped with advanced image-scanning software and employs x-ray beams at an angle for total quality control.
“It has been traditionally difficult for perpendicular horizontal beam x-ray systems to inspect the base area of glass and metal containers with raised internal bases or domes,” explains Niall McRory, new product development sales manager. “As the dome area, which forms part of the x-ray base image, is denser than the rest of the container, contaminants can be hidden, resulting in detection blind spots. In response to specific customer requests, Safeline sought to develop an x-ray system that achieves optimum contamination detection in packaged fluids while ensuring maximum throughput and ease-of-operation. FluidCheK is the result of that endeavour.”

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