High temperature certification of ovenable films

TCL Packaging - Ovenable films Mar 14 (low res)New printed ovenable films from TCL Packaging are the first in the UK to have been successfully tested to 220°C, 450°F Gas 7 with Smithers Pira.

Managing director Mike Golding explains, “We decided to extend the test boundaries after we became concerned that not all printed ovenable films on the market are verified. It’s vital that retailers are able to add cooking instructions to their products with complete confidence in film performance and food safety.  At TCL we wanted to be sure no harmful molecular breakdown will occur at high temperatures and our PET printed laminate films are the first to certify to 220°C, with mono layer at 200°C.

“As the only company to have achieved these results, we cannot answer for any food safety concerns there might be on packaging tested to lower temperatures. However, every ovenable and microwaveable film purchased should be backed up by an appropriate test certificate and technical report and we urge buyers to request this documentation”

TCL’s new films use special ovenable inks that produce high-definition, high-quality print using the full range of process colours. They are used for ready-meal lidding, flow- wrapping, cooking pouches and roasting bags for higher temperatures

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