Popularity of corrugated packaging

UK corrugated packaging companies have invested almost £500 million in new technology and plant over the last two years, in part to provide retailers and brand owners with effective on-pack communications to entice customers.

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) says significant capital outlay in state of the art digital printing equipment is enabling the corrugated industry to offer innovative solutions for display packaging and personalisation, which can provide a critical edge in the fiercely competitive retail environment.

At the recent industry summit organised by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), speakers from the food and retail sectors – which included Alison Coudene, Nestlé’s European procurement manager, and Paul Earnshaw, Tesco’s packaging manager – echoed the importance of corrugated partners working with them to understand their future needs in an evolving retail world.
The corrugated industry is also embracing new trends such as customisation that bring an extra marketing dimension to packaging – print on demand is offering retailers and brand owners cost effective, personalised promotional campaigns to boost sales.

It is this inherent versatility that is enhancing corrugated’s popularity among shoppers, as a recent YouGov poll commissioned by CPI demonstrated – 57% of consumers preferring their grocery and food packaging in paper-based material.

CPI’s director of packaging affairs, Andy Barnetson, believes that corrugated is helping bring exciting and diverse products to market in a variety of ways that will help maintain its position as the number one packaging material. “UK corrugated packaging companies need to keep pace with a challenging retail landscape and are investing significantly in equipment to meet demand for innovation. Whether in transit, back of store or on-shelf, the versatility of corrugated is helping brand owners’ goods stand out and enticing customers to buy their products,” he says.

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