Let off steam

KM Packaging Services has enhanced its range of lidding films with the launch of a new steam venting product.

The new film is manufactured in the UK, where KM is also based, and is compatible with polypropylene trays. The development of the steam venting film has been driven by consumer demand for added value features in ovenable meals and snacks.

The new film can be supplied as peel seal or weld seal, with or without KM’s anti-fog. In addition, a high oxygen barrier is available, where venting holes in the film are coated to prevent air getting in or out, hermetically sealing the tray. On heating in a microwave oven, the coating softens to facilitate ventilation. Alternatively, pepper pot holes can be created in the centre of the lid, allowing steam to escape but keeping the seal intact. In fact, the hole cluster can be placed in virtually any specific position on the lid, depending on the contents of the tray and the desired ventilation effect – and can even extend to several hole clusters on one lid.

KM Packaging’s commercial director, Graham Holding, explains, “Steam venting in itself is not new but we have worked very hard to produce innovative products that maximise the benefits of the process without compromising the products that the film is designed to protect. Our new steam venting film not only helps to maintain the freshness of frozen or chilled ready meals, but also encourages faster cooking.”

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