Reliable dosing for food safety and sanitary applications

The leading pump supplier LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH has added a new Dosatron food line proportional pump to its solutions portfolio. This innovative new offering is specifically designed for use in food and beverage and is provided with FDA certification. It delivers highly reliable and accurate dosing even with fluctuations in flows, to ensure homogenous fluids with the correct amount of chemicals in critical food safety applications.

The D3FL2N LDT Dosatron food line proportional pump operates using hydro power direct from the water network supply line and requires no electric supply. Its hydraulic motor simply uses just the flow and pressure of the water to run. This method of operation makes the unit very flexible and easy to install with no need for the connection of power or pressurised air pipes.

The D3FL2N is a high accuracy volumetric dosing pump that provides repeatable continuous proportional dosage based on its adjusted dosing rate to within ±3% according to API 675. The way it operates means that this accuracy is assured regardless of changes in throughput, pressure fluctuations or piping lengths. This automatic compensation for changes in flow conditions gives complete peace of mind that dosing levels are being met without the cost and environmental impact of overdosing.

Ideal for many food and beverage applications including care and disinfection of piping networks, potable water treatment and odor control; the pump is constructed of FDA-certified materials. As well as easy installation, the pump is designed for straightforward maintenance and simple adjustment. Overall, it will reliably meet the stringent dosing accuracy required for food and beverage applications while helping to save time and costs associated with energy and chemicals.

LDT Dosiertechnik offers its customers vast experience in the selection and installation of dosing pump solutions for food and beverage applications. Its wide portfolio of pumps is supported by comprehensive aftermarket services to ensure processes continue to operate with optimum performance and reliability throughout their lifetime.

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