Fowler Welch video highlights efficiency developments in the ambient supply chain

Fowler Welch has launched its latest video which addresses the current issues affecting the ambient supply chain and how new technologies are expected to impact the future of ambient.

The UK logistics and supply chain expert has interviewed Alex Edge, supply chain insight manager at IGD for its “Industry Insight” YouTube series which features video interviews of key industry figures sharing their knowledge on topics currently affecting the supply chain.

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch, said: ”This video offers insight into how changing consumer expectations are putting added pressure on the supply chain as a whole and how the ambient sector in particular is implementing new practices and technologies to remain competitive.”
In his interview, Alex Edge discusses the common misconceptions around the ambient supply chain, which is often mistakenly thought of as less sophisticated than fresh and chilled supply chains. Mr Edge also offers insight into technologies and practices such as RFID tagging, consolidation and innovative technologies such as drones and how these are being used to improve efficiencies and boost margins across the supply chain.

Speaking in the video, Alex Edge said: “Collaboration will be essential in the future supply chain. The market is in relatively slow growth so it’s getting harder to eke those one and two percent improvements out of the supply chain, so by collaborationg with retailers or service providers you can build those economies of scale and extract value from what exists within your businesses.

“What we are increasingly seeing is collaboration in order to synchronise partners across a chain. This means manufacturers and retailers can make much faster decisions in the supply chain.”

Hay added: “For any businesses that might be looking to adapt their ambient offering to the growing demands of an ever-changing market, this latest video in the series provides expert sector advice that could help them to respond and drive profits.”

The video is now available to view on Folwer Welch’s Industry Insights YouTube channel, alongside previous videos from British Growers, The BRC and Planet Retail, here:

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