Dr Debbie Parker

Dr Debbie Parker leads the Marketing Sciences Sensory Unit in Kent, UK. One of only eight female beer sommeliers in the country, here, she discusses tea, toilet rolls and traceability.

Ireland drives industry sustainability

The Irish Food Board (Bord Bia) has launched a new sustainability development programme for the country’s food and drink industry. Known as Origin Green, the project is designed to help Ireland become a world leader in quality, sustainably produced food and drink. “Global population is set to increase by more than two billion by 2050 […]


Consumers want clearer GM labelling, says report

Consumers think that current labelling regulation for genetically modified (GM) foods is inadequate, according to a new report from the UK’s Food Standards Agency. The report used a combination of surveys, workshops and interviews to explore consumer attitudes to GM foods, as well as how those attitudes are formed. The general consensus was that consumers […]

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Consumers check labels

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey has found an increasing awareness among consumers towards healthier eating. More people are taking an interest in food, particularly by checking the labels and eating more fruit and vegetables. The survey team interviewed more than 3,000 people over five weeks. It was found the number of consumers who claim […]

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