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HorizonScan can help you keep ahead of the game by daily monitoring of emerging, new and novel issues in the commodities you use, wherever you might source them. The system can also aid with the data needed to complete your vulnerability assessments for BRC in the prevention of food fraud from adulteration, substitution, fraudulent documentation to expiry date changes, production in unapproved premises, production with inspection and unsuitable means of transport.

For supply chain managers with multiple ingredient responsibilities and complex international supply chains, or companies looking for new supply options, this system enables you to conduct top line investigations and be alerted to issues very quickly. With a global database of raw material and commodity issues across all food integrity areas running from 1999, HorizonScan can help put your mind at rest when you need to illustrate proactive monitoring of supply chain issues, be it fraud and authenticity concerns, pesticide or veterinary drug residues, environmental and other contaminants, microbiological problems or allergens.

  • Regular email alerts related specifically to your commodity interests so no need to look every day if time is of the essence
  • Searchable summary of all problems in individual commodities at an international level
  • We track 500+ commodities over 180 countries of origin including tracking 22,000+ suppliers. There are 30+ new entries nearly every day produced from over 180 global data sources.
  • Links to original data sources
  • Historical database of known supplier problems
  • Detailed breakdown of fraud and authenticity issues pre-dating horsegate by several years
  • Hot Source quarterly commodity publication of emerging & increasing issues, previous examples are available to view, see relevant links

2 week free trial is available, email for further details or visit

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