Nut-free marzipan

With Phönix Imitation Marzipan, GoodMills Innovation provides a cereal based powdered marzipan replacement for use in the production of fine baked goods.

Seasonal flavours for Sensient

Sensient Flavours has unveiled its latest line of flavours for biscuits, which offers seasonal combinations for spring, summer, autumn and winter, enhancing the appeal of all types of biscuits by providing sophisticated taste sensations.

Round-Up: Ingredients

Here is your weekly round-up of ingredients news. Next week’s round-up will focus on packaging news. To submit an item for inclusion, please contact Carly Wood at

New protein bar

With its new QuadBar, SternLife has developed a new generation of protein bars that promise an optimum combination of nutrients. The QuadBar has a high content of protein and roughage at 34 per cent each, while carbohydrate content is low at just 2.5g. “This combination is new in this segment,” says Marc van Essen of […]


Study reveals benefits of almond snacking

A new study has revealed that a daily snack of 42g of almonds instead of a high carbohydrate muffin with equivalent calories improved a number of heart disease risk factors in study participants. In addition to significantly improving LDL and total cholesterol, snacking on almonds instead of muffins also reduced central adiposity (belly fat); all […]


Low-salt snacks

A range of sodium-reduced savoury snacks has been launched by newcomer Hoopo Healthy Snacks, produced using low sodium sea salt SoLo. The range, which contains up to ten times’ less salt than rival brands, comprises four varieties of 40g or 50g consumer packs – Satay Peanuts, Spicy Mediterranean Peanuts, Jalfrezi Cashews and Shanghai 5 Spice […]

Cracking the nuts market

EHL Ingredients is experiencing a boost in sales of nuts in the run up to National Nut Day. The celebratory day, dedicated to the taste, versatility and nutritious value of nuts, will be held on 22 October. EHL Ingredients supplies 22 types of nuts including brazil, almonds, walnuts, cashew, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts, pistachios and pine […]


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