Food scares are merely tip of the iceberg

Product recalls and other food safety incidents reported to and by the Food Standards Agency are merely the tip of the iceberg, according to research performed by Trace One. While the general public is only aware of food recalls that affect major retailers or have wide-reaching consequences (such as the 2013 horse meat crisis), the […]

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Thermal transfer coder for organic food producer

Allen France, part of Allen Coding Systems, has installed an NG4+ thermal transfer coder on to a packaging line at GermLine, a French producer of organic foods, including cereal bars, seeds, lentils, rice and dried fruit. Located in Sancoins, in the rural Cher department in the centre of France, GermLine is using the NG4+ in […]

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Clear polypropylene containers

An ultra-clear polypropylene-based material from RPC Tedeco-Gizeh is enabling fresh and convenience food suppliers to enhance brand image, emphasise product quality and create effective on-shelf appeal. The new Ppure containers offer strong transparency to provide a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional APET formats, with their clarity ensuring that products are presented to their best […]

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Thinkthin portfolio to support sustainable labelling

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has introduced seven new ‘thin’ film and paper products that retain shelf impact while making premium food labels more sustainable through thinner label material constructions. Brands are making ever-stronger demands for waste reduction and more sustainable products, and the Avery Dennison ThinkThin range is aimed at label converters that […]

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Integrated verifier for barcode labels

Logopak International has launched its first ever integrated verifier, as part of its print and apply offering. Barcode verification procedures that are demanded by retailers to ensure label legibility at every point in the supply chain can now be carried out automatically to ISO standards as part of the labeling process, using Logopak’s new high-speed […]


Can alternative offers extended shelf life

RPC Containers Corby has launched a modern plastic alternative to the traditional tin can.  The new 380ml Apollo container combines extended ambient shelf life with all the established lightweight, easy handling and safety benefits of plastics and also offers the convenience of re-closing. The high barrier Apollo features a PP/EVOH/PP multilayer structure for the effective […]

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New labelling application for cool wine bottles

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has introduced an Aqua Stick portfolio, designed to ease the process of applying labels to wine and sparkling wine bottles when they are cooler than their surroundings and slick with surface condensation. The new portfolio seeks to avoid the time-consuming and costly practices required to prevent condensation during labelling. […]

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