Seasonal flavours for Sensient

Sensient Flavours has unveiled its latest line of flavours for biscuits, which offers seasonal combinations for spring, summer, autumn and winter, enhancing the appeal of all types of biscuits by providing sophisticated taste sensations.

Two in one

Salt of the Earth has launched Umamix Bold for multiple applications in the food manufacturing and food service industries.

Richard Thorpe

From beer testing to cheese tasting, Richard Thorpe, market development director at Ornua Ingredients UK, takes our 60-second interview challenge and explains why food to go businesses are the ones to watch this year.

Booze in the news

Although many people are currently in the middle of ‘dry January’ – the annual campaign which encourages participants to give up alcohol for 31 days – beers, wines and spirits haven’t strayed far from the headlines so far this year.

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Sweet and sour

As I wrote last week, sugar has been high on the food and drink agenda this year, and the debate shows no signs of abating.

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