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Meat manufacturers can easily stay on the forefront of current market and consumer trends with innovative ingredients – this was the central message of the ICL Food Specialties booth at IFFA. Even under tough processing conditions, ICL Food Specialties ingredient solutions deliver the expected texture, stability and taste consumers expect.

“Today’s food trends, from reduced sodium to meat free, show that consumers demand more than meat,” said Bernd Gießmann, Lead Market Segment Meat, Poultry & Seafood and Culinary, ICL Food Specialties. “Through our expertise in texture, stability and taste, we deliver ingredient systems designed to fit the exact requirements of every customer and product.”

For sausage lovers looking for alternatives to meat, ICL offers the Rovitaris system compound that forms the base for vegetarian hot dogs. It delivers the taste and texture customers expect from sausages – without using soy proteins. This versatile system can be customized for a variety of applications, including both hot and cold meat alternatives.

Frankfurters made with TARI MIX Frankfurter SR not only feature superior bite and flavor, but also more than 25 percent less sodium – enough to warrant a “reduced sodium” label in the EU. TARI MIX Frankfurter SR is based on mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea, appropriately labelled “natural mineral salt” on end product.

TARI COMBI Pate enables meat producers to make the most of their products by using off cuts to produce high quality spreads. It allows them to broaden their portfolio with vegetarian and ham spreads.

By acquiring spice expert Hagesüd in 2014, ICL supplemented its product portfolio with new competence in taste. Further expertise in milk, whey and vegetable proteins came with the addition of Prolactal/Rovita in 2015. Today’s product portfolio reflects this combined expertise.

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