Burger kings

Used in savoury, sweet, beverage and even beauty applications, avocados really are a superfood.

According to IRI, sales of avocados rose by 31 per cent in 2015, worth an extra £34 million to UK supermarkets over the year before.

Now, a restaurant in London is taking the avocado craze a step further by introducing the Avocado Bun.

Joe’s Southern Table and Bar in Covent Garden says the item has been added to its menu following requests from customers. The Avocado Bun is available in three varieties: a traditional cheeseburger with bacon, southern fried chicken with hot mayo sauce and a vegetarian soy burger.

Although it might be a bit messy to eat, the creation certainly ticks a lot of trend boxes – it is gluten-free, low carb and contains those all important avocados that Brits can’t get enough of.

Jim Robertson, group operations manager at Joe’s Southern Table and Bar, says, “It’s not the easiest of things to eat. It can quickly turn into a mushy mess so we’re finding customers are using a knife and fork to eat it.

“The response has been overwhelming since we launched. It’s not only low carb and gluten-free, but also looks and tastes amazing. Preparing them is a nightmare for the kitchen as avocados can be difficult to work with, but I have to admit, they taste brilliant.”

All three choices sound appetising to me, but the southern fried chicken version just edges it. Which one would you choose?

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