A new gin-eration

A new gin-eration

Three-quarters of Brits say they prefer to drink at home, the Big Gin Report, an annual study conducted by Craft Gin Club, has found.

We shouldn’t be surprised. From dating apps and online shopping to now working from home, it seems there is a preference to do nearly everything from the comfort of the couch.

Of the 6,000 people surveyed, 75% of respondents said they prefer to always, or mostly, drink in the comfort of their own home rather than at a bar or restaurant.

Certainly this is Covid-19 driven and lockdown has spurred on people to experiment more with drinks in the home. 

But it also seems to have created a new nationwide love of home cocktail making, “which isn’t showing any signs of slowing,” says master mixologist at Craft Gin Club, Maria Vieira.

Premiumisation’s importance cannot be overlooked. Interest in premium mixers for zero-alcohol, zero-calorie beverages made with exotic herbal ingredients is drawing in consumers. They come with a price tag reflective of these high quality ingredients, and consumers are willing to pay for them. 

And why not? We’re prepared to experiment at home with different mixers and take the time to educate ourselves.

Even though restrictions apply, at-home bartending is evidently on the rise with the help of social media. The report also found that 56% of Brits said they became more confident in making cocktails in 2020, and 65% have turned to online tutorials, recipes and cocktail making courses to improve their mixology skills. 90% said they plan to make cocktails at home more often in 2021.

With this, Brits are more willing than ever to invest in a home drinking experience. A fifth of respondents already had a dedicated home bar and a further 15% are planning to create one.

Convenience comes in various forms but no more so than delivery. Direct to consumer businesses are mining this opportunity and with the emergence of subscription boxes for coffee, beer, wine and spirits, as well as online stores, consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for their beverage needs. 

These businesses are disrupting the traditional retail model while giving brands access to consumers in a new way. 

It’s an exciting time for beverages. There’s increasing and rapid adoption of new twists on traditional drinks as well as the greater popularity of new concepts. 

As Craft Gin Club notes, large beverage companies align their portfolios to reflect changing consumer preferences, so expect to see further changes in the beverage landscape in the future. 

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