Blue is the colour

Blue is the colour

An interesting piece of news hit my inbox recently talking of “naughty disruption” in the beverage market.

German startup Blue Farm has launched the first oat milk you can self-mix. With the current vogue for health and wellness this could be a development to watch.

Blue Farm’s oat drink satisfies two aims: products that are good for people and even better for the planet; and exciting consequences for consumers – re-thinking whole product categories that enable a healthier and environmentally friendly consumption.

Blue Farm is moving away from commercial oat drink from 90% water, a maximum of 10% oats, binders, like sugar and a lot of packaging. This can be done better, it says. Well, what can Blue Farm offer?

An oat base that ticks all the boxes – gluten-free, vegan and unsweetened. Mix with tap water and your coveted oat drink is created within 10 seconds. What’s more, the consumer has the power to change the formulation to their liking – sweet,creamy or light. The fermented oat extract only has a touch of salt to lift the taste.

Just a word about the packaging. A bag of Oat Base provides up to 4 litres of oat drink. The bag itself consists of recycled and recyclable mono plastic.

An interesting product that offers both a flexible solution and convenience. If consumers warm to it then maybe Blue Farm is right about ‘naughty disruption’.

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