Filling up on food and drink

Filling up on food and drink

Consumers’ input into the direction of the food and drink industry has never been greater.

A big part of the ever-changing dynamic stems from consumers’ expectations – and the industry’s drive in meeting those expectations.

Currently, we have consumers focused on healthy, natural eating encompassing low fat, low salt, unprocessed foods, plant-based meat substitutes; the list goes on.

Keeping up with change is a challenge. Many food and drink manufacturers are reacting and meeting the expectations of their consumers for authentic, healthy, better-for-you products that fit in with their lifestyles.

It’s clearly an exciting time to be investing in the food and beverage space. Entrepreneurs are in tune with retailer willingness to provide shelf space, enabling innovative companies to bring products to market.

Our latest feature by Mark Lynch at Oghma Partners looks at the openings for entrepreneurial brands to step in and meet evolving consumer demand.

What is striking is the importance of food tech to improve every step in the food production process from seeing improvements in food safety, developments in traceability technologies, and advancements in new proteins.

The developments will heighten interest in this industry. Food tech is so broad and touches so many areas of human life that it’s impossible to think of anyone that this industry doesn’t affect.

Reading the article helped me formulate some thoughts on where this industry is going. I believe it is only going to get bigger and more important in the world of business. Food safety will increasingly be top of mind for consumers as we grapple with outbreaks and pandemics. Alternative-proteins and healthier, more eco-friendly food products will continue to gain market-share and attract investments.

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