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Reducing food waste is essential when you consider the number of people affected by hunger continues to increase, and tons of edible food is wasted every day.

On a global scale one third of all food produced goes to waste – and something has to be done.

When I met Emma Cahill, global marketing director, Kerry, earlier this year she stressed the importance of food waste and the impacts it has on economies and us individually – it is not just a huge cost, it is also a waste of resources.

The figures she now mentions in her video are truly alarming. To hear that food waste is the third largest contributor of greenhouse gases after the US and China is shocking in itself.

It is no surprise that companies, no matter the size, are taking the necessary steps to play a positive role in an ongoing problem.

Kerry has launched a Food Waste Estimator as part of its solutions; a proprietary system that links shelf life days with shelf life extension to food manufacturers to determine the potential for for food waste reduction.

Through the estimator, Kerry can engage with industry, businesses and even governments to create a consensus of what food waste looks like.

I can see potential for the estimator to drive change in the food industry, and create standards that address the industry’s shifting landscape and support ways of positively impacting the planet.

If we’re serious about tackling food waste then no action is too small. The more we all do the more we reduce the chance of food waste warming the planet.

Kerry has the goal to reduce its food waste by half by 2030 and zero waste to landfill from all of its plants by 2050.

Food waste is a big environmental opportunity available to us, probably because it’s a total win-win: not many solutions to climate change immediately save us money.

Praise must go to Emma Cahill, Kerry and all that take up the mantle, lead from the front and raise awareness of global food waste and food security.

Listen to Emma’s introduction and see what impact you’re making via the estimator.

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